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McCornmick Place | Chicago
South Building | Stand #338948

September 12-17 | 2022

Soraluce at


Born for Big Challenges

Soraluce, Setting New Standards

Word class leading technology for the most demanding companies in the world.


ON SITE in our booth

Floor Type Boring Mills

  • Longitudinal traverse: as per request
  • Vertical traverse: 126"
  • Cross traverse: 63"
  • Spindle power: 57 HP
  • Spindle speed range: up to 5000 rpm
  • Multitasking universal head 2.5º X 2.5º:
    • Milling, turning & grinding capability.
    • High torque mechanical transmission head with spindle clamping system.
    • Head and spindle orientation at any angle.
    • Standard tools, no adapter needed.
    • Automatic tool changing system.
    • Ease of use thanks to specific positioning cycle.

A wide range of Heavy Duty Boring Mills

Floor type Boring Mills & Bridge Mills

  • Heavy-duty machines for the best stock removal capacity.
  • Winning combination: full cast iron, linear guiding and damping technology.
  • Highest versatility, allowing multiple machine configurations.
  • Wide range of heads, quills and workstations.
  • Pendulum machining.
  • Mobile cross beam; live axis.
  • Direct spindle drive up to 80 HP spindle drive. Higher torque and power performance up to 135 HP with planetary 3 speed gearbox.


Best stock removal rate

DAS® & DWS: The perfect combination to eliminate chatter in all elements of the machining process.

High performance solutions

Multitasking Solutions

  • Milling, turning, grinding and gear cutting in a single machine.
  • Reduce your production lead time.
  • Improved machining accuracy and overall part quality.
  • Unique Soraluce high torque multitasking head.
  • Turning heads for external and internal cutting.
  • In-house made milling and turn-milling rotary tables.
  • Soraluce cycles: turning, grinding and gear cutting cycles.

Tailor-made automation

  • Fully automated and palletized systems.
  • Non-stop machining; zero downtime.
  • Unattended machining process.
  • Production Management software.
  • Advanced tool management.

Setting New Standards

With a 60-year track record, Soraluce is a world leader in the machine tool market thanks to its future-oriented manufacturing technologies.

We offer a wide range of milling, boring, vertical turning machines, multitask and automation solutions, with excellent product quality, outstanding service and state of the art advanced technology.

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