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Dynamic Line

Step into Precision & Dynamics with the New Soraluce High Rail Gantry Machines


High speed cutting, great precision rates and high-volume machining capability, backed by our extensive experience in the milling sector and proven state-of-the-art technology.

Three machine models oriented to sectors like the aerospace, mold & die or mechanical engineering, including solutions to machine specific materials like composites, light alloys or steel-based components.

High Dynamics

Experience groundbreaking efficiency
with high-speed cutting

Axes speed up to 60,000 mm/min

Axes acceleration up to 4 m/s2

5 axis contouring heads up to 30,000 rpm

Precision Excellence

The finest surface quality for your finest work

Best rigidity and stability.

Thermal stability.

Highly calibrated kinematics.

High revolutions for long duration.

Cutting Power

Unmatched cutting capacity for optimal performance

Heavy-duty mechanical heads up to 73 kW

Variety of high torque mechanical 5 axis contouring heads up to 2000 Nm

Smart Damping Solutions (DAS+, DWS)

Full cast iron structure

Discover Dynamic Line


  • Machining of composites and aluminum.

  • High-volume machining capability.

  • 5-axis contouring fork type milling heads.

  • Complete splash guarding.

  • Dust extraction system on the head.


  • Semi-finishing and finishing in steel and aluminum.

  • Mold & die machining.

  • 5-axis contouring fork type milling heads.

  • Complete splash guarding.


  • Machining of stainless-steel parts.

  • Highly versatile.

  • High stock removal rate.

  • Automatic head changing system.

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